EBA publishes QIS templates to assess the impact of the finalised Basel III standards

Set 08 2018

The European Banking Authority (EBA) released today the two sets of templates, which will be used in the 2018 impact assessment of the finalised Basel III standards. These two sets of quantitative impact study (QIS) templates, which build on the Basel III regular monitoring templates, will ensure that the data collection burden is proportionate to the institutions’ size and complexity.

Following the European Commission’s Call for Advice on the European impact and implementation of the revisions to the Basel III standards agreed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in December 2017, the EBA launched, on 13 August 2018, a data collection exercise, which runs in parallel with Q2-2018 EBA-BCBS Basel III regular monitoring exercise.

To ensure that this data collection, which covers a wider sample of institutions, remains proportionate to the size and complexity of each institution, the EBA distributed two different types of QIS templates, which build on and expand the EBA-BCBS Basel III regular monitoring templates.

In particular, the ‘full’ template was distributed to all banks participating in the Q2-2018 EBA-BCBS monitoring exercise and to those banks that only participate in the Call for Advice data collection that are large (as defined by Tier 1 capital higher than EUR 1.5 billion).

The ‘reduced’ template was distributed to banks participating only in the Call for Advice data collection that are medium or small (as defined by Tier 1 capital equal or lower than EUR 1.5 billion).The two sets of templates available for download are for information purposes only. Banks participating in the data collection should only use templates they received from their Competent Authority.

EBA QIS 2018 Template Instructions Data collection for the Call for advice for the implementation of the revision of Basel III framework (PDF)


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