Apr 132019

Regarding the need for legislative improvements, in developing the Joint Advice the ESAs’ objective was that every relevant entity should be subject to clear general requirements on governance of ICT, including cybersecurity, to ensure the safe provision of regulated services…


Apr 062019

Per le imprese del Regno Unito e Irlanda del Nord (di seguito UK)1 che operano nel settore delle assicurazioni contro i danni, l’Italia è il primo Paese dell’EU27 per numero di assicurati (9,7 mln) e per riserve tecniche (3 €/mld) e il quarto Paese per premi raccolti (1,7 €/mld)2…


Mar 292019

The point is that decentralized networks, such as those based on blockchain models, can often enable more positive overall social outcomes despite the relative inefficiency of their command-and-control architecture. It’s useful to contemplate this idea, and McAfee’s colorful metaphor, in relation to the current state of play on the Internet.