Silvia Dellacqua

Silvia Dell’Acqua joined Eurovita S.p.A. as the head of Actuary Reserving in September 2018. Prior to that, she worked 4 years in Generali (Group Risk Management) dealing with the Internal model implementation and the cutting edge LSMC technique. Before that, she spent 6 years in Intesa San Paolo Vita, working in the Risk Management and Actuary office, mainly dealing with the ESG and actuarial calculations. Silvia cooperates with the Politecnico di Milano since 2010, as a lecturer and as an author and staff member of FinRiskAlert.

Liquidity stress testing for insurances

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Feb 19 2021
Last 26th January EIOPA published a methodological paper on the liquidity stress testing for insurances, describing the principles to follow for a good appraisal of the resilience of insurances to liquidity shocks and providing a conceptual approach to measure the liquidity position under adverse scenarios. ...more »
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